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Refreshing my concept

The present times call for refreshing the existing businesses to be better off than before by securing the le- ad through creative and extraordinar- y improvements.



Pimp-up my business

Improve your Hotel, Restaurant or vacation rental to perform for the big comeback byhaving professional eyes and an experienced team discuss the possibilities of upgrading your business efficiently and promisingly in orderto create a successful future.


Reset my mind

The situation is as it is and worldwide. Our task is to make the best use of the time to make the most of its potential. Being at the forefront and shining in all the glory must be the motto of the new start.


Support my path

Exceptional times call for exceptional actions: Roll up your sleeves actively and constructively and do what you know you need to do in a self respon- sible manner to achieve thebetter and successful future you desirethat is what distinguishes a farsighted entrepreneur and success from failure.

It is necessary to sharpen your senses instead of sitting and waiting for a probable outcome. We can motivate you to prepare positively for the revival of tourism on the Balearic Islands and use this time as capital, creating a new image because what is appealing simply sells and enhances wellbeing for all, your business, our business and the clients’ experience. 
The proverb - “you can’t see the forest for the trees” - applied to all those times when rethinking and redesigning was not an option because the general well-being and stability of “business as usual” did not require an improvement.
But now it’s time - because a new start wants to be crowned with success.

Our high professional services:
• Interior Design team
• International Hospitality consultant
• Specialized Financial advisor

We offer objective, fast and professional advice that will help you achieve the greatest result in a cost-effective approach, thus optimizing the reopening of bookings.

• Adapt your hotel to the new trends

• Captivate bookings with individual features

• Improve your brand

• Make them talk about you

In every obstacle lies a chance, a chance to do things differently and be successful.

We offer a 2-step solution:

Step 1:
• Analysis of the current status quo
• Improvement plan
• Action Plan
• Statement of costs

Step 2:
• Action Plan approval
• Implementation of the improvement with simple, effective and fast actions comprising decoration, layout optimization, placing or replacing pieces, painting, etc.

Fees & costs:
Since we are all in the same situation we propose, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, that we adapt our fees to the current situation.

It’s about solidarity; it’s about finding the best in difficult times, it’s about finding fair trades that reflect our input and your possibilities.

We are open
We find the best solution
We believe we all have one goal: our care about the future of us all.



happiness and health

through wealth.





When was bconnected launched in the late 1990s in Mallorca, Christine Leja already envisioned the global business that bconnected would become. 

‍Design allowed the team to better address the needs of their clients and helped turn their dreams into a tangible reality. She believes it is not just about buying a property but also building a home and nurturing a lifestyle. For Christine, design is a tool to connect the past with the present. With architecture in her DNA (both parents’ families were architects and designers) Christine grew up surrounded by people who loved to create, and this naturally became her own passion and passion is by definition what selfmade successful entrepreneurs move by. A visionary by nature, instinctively adding financial achievement to the next best action, Christine will bring to any table the enthusiasm of a fresh perspective together with the wisdom required for sure success.


Monica Cernich is the epitome of heterogeny and diversity: with the mixed palette of her roots, her colourful background spills on all she accomplishes. From a solid study in Interior Design majoring in Furniture and later pecializing at the St Maritn’s School of Design in Visual Merchandising and Window dressing, to a degree on Hotel Management, her path started in the latter, giving her a unique sense of people and a quality in her work that is enhanced by working in a creative team such as this. Collaborations with ELLE and ELLE deco and author of articles on several peer reviewed renowned magazines and radio programs participations have given her a passion for communication which together with her gifted taste and creative talent make her a quite unique interior designer. Be it window displays, text editing or interior design projects, Monica adds all her know-how in the Travel Industry to assertively apply it on any assigned project with no barriers, most certainly not a language one as she speaks 6 languages attending to clients from all over the world. Working as Senior Interior Designer in the bconnected team for over 8 years, developing both private and commercial projects together with Christine and Marie-Luise, the interconnection of the team has no equal and this shines on the final result.


When design runs in the family heritage it is difficult to take any other path but the chosen by the stars: a well renowned German architect as a grandfather and a perfectionist to the infinite graphic designer as a father, Marie-Luise has the structure and knowledge no school can give. If to that you add an undeniable sense of adventure, a freedom of thought and speech with a rare wisdom for her very young age you have a brilliant mind that can visualize an interior, a make over or a pimp up effortlessly. Marie-Luise has worked over 4 years on over 30 projects, turning over, together with the team, excellent work with taste, efficiency and intelligence. A Junior Interior Designer that is an irreplaceable ingredient in the bconnected interior design team.



Ignacio Jiménez, Managing Partner and creator, together with his wife Carmen Cordón, of Hidden Away Hotels, a new concept within the luxuryhotel industry based on the search of landmark buildings with a secret (hidden) story

to tell. The team then proceeds to full refurbishment and adaptation to the highest standards of equipment and interior design as well as the implementation of a differentiated and out of the box service model. Owners and managers of the Gran Hotel Inglés (Member of LHW and Tripadvisor Nr 1 amongst 473 hotels in Madrid in), of the Posada Terra Santa (Palma de Mallorca, Tripadvisor Nr 1 amongst 1.184 hotels on the island) and of Samaritana Pied à Terre as well as Finca Son Catxo.
Their management model is based on the betting on ADR instead of occupancy, being this the best way to obtain excellent economic results whilst guaranteeing service standards unlike any other.
It is one thing to know the ingredients and a totally different one to apply them with such profound knowledge, personal imprint and art that the result has simply no equal.


Originally Belgian born in Morocco and after traveling the world, operating with Ritz-Carlton and opening luxury hotels from Raffles Seychelles to The Norman Tel Aviv, this dynamic Belgo-Swedish duo of hoteliers (together with his wife Anna)

were inspired to lend their expertise and share their love for where they live, offering an insider approach from an outsider point of view. Always aspiring to become a traveler, Olivier put his talents to use in the operations of the luxury hotels for over 20 years and today, consulting and exercising his sense of entrepreneurship with creative and energetic meaningful projects from Barcelona to Mallorca whilst expanding a luxury holiday villa brand focused on growth in the Mediterranean basin. In short, the best catered concierge service you can hope for to enhance your business options and have overwhelmed customers that will never stop spreading the word.



LOGO bconnectedtras

T. +34 971 282 195
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